The génépy - Traditional digestive Valle d'Aosta liquor

Product type: Liquor
Region of origin: Valle d'Aosta
Price: Medium

The region of Valle d'Aosta is well known for alpine herbs that flourish at high altitudes, used in the production of many local products. But some of these herbs are also known for their therapeutic properties, including Artemisia Glacialis and Artemisia Weber. These herbs are the basic components of the génépy (or also genepì), the famous Valle d'Aosta liquor, known for its digestive properties and for the characteristic aromatic bitter taste. This precious "elixir" is obtained by macerating in alcohol for several days the best part of dried herbs, carefully selected. In some cases the plants are not immersed directly in water but it is used the suspension procedure on special grills. The whole is then laced in airtight containers that make the alcohol, by evaporating, extract only the plants aromatic compounds and not the coloring ones. After the suspension, is added the sugar to the water solution. Using this method the final product is colorless. For this reason, in order to ensure the typical yellowish green color, in this case are also added dyes. The genepy is also used in combination with chocolate in the realization of a great chocolate genepy manifactured by a local company and called "Chocopy", or even in the packaging of delicious truffles filled with the liquor.