Bleu d'Aoste cheese - A typical italian delicacy

Product type: Cheese
Region of production: Valle d'Aosta
Recognition: Gold medal at the Mountain Cheese Olympics
Price: Low

Directly from the Valle d'Aosta region comes this wonderful italian cheese, the Bleu d'Aoste. As the name suggests, it's a blue cheese. It was originally created by Battista Locatelli and produced for the first time in 2005 in a popular italian agricultural cooperative in Aosta. The special processing and seasoning makes the Bleu d'Aosta an unmistakable and pronounced flavor cheese, with a firm but delicate fragrance dough. It is produced only with cow's milk (Valdostanza Pezzata Rossa and Valdostana Pezzata Nera) from Valle d'Aosta farms over 600/700 meters above the sea level. The crust is wrinkled, grey or reddish brown, depending on the degree maturation. The dough is soft, firm, white, with no holes and with the characteristic blue veined coloration. The bleu veins that shows the dough are just the secret of its taste and unique aroma.

Tseur achetaye - A typical italian meat preparation

Product type: Meat
Region of origin: Valle d'Aosta
Price: Low

The Tseur Achetaye, a typical Valle d'Aosta product, is indeed a traditional way of preserving meat. Meat from a mature animal (cow, sheep or goat), slaughtered at the onset of winter, is skinned, trimmed and cut into small pieces. Then it is arranged in layers in a wooden cask and covered with salt and various herbs and spices such as sage, garlic, bay leaves and rosemary. The lid of the cask is then closed and weighed down to keep the meat below the level of the brine. These conditions are maintained until the meat is ready to be eaten. After the preparation, this special meat is served raw sliced as carpaccio, or also cooked as a main dish.
The uniqueness of the product is that, thanks to this method of preparation, the meat conquers the taste and aroma of the Valle d'Aosta mountain herbs. There are various festivals and events during which is celebrated this typical meat preparation, all falk and of the traditional italian flavor. So if you'd like to enjoy the product staying here in our wonderful land, please visit the website They'll certainly offer a perfect solution for your culinary holiday.

Valle d'Aosta typical black bread

Product type: baked product
Region of origin: Valle d'Aosta
Recognition: Traditional food product
Price: low

In the Valle d'Aosta region is produced a special kind of bread made with rye and wheat flour that gives the bread a dark colour and a brown crust, from which the name of black bread.Recently joined to the list of "traditional recognized food products" of Valle d'Aosta, traditionally the bread was prepared once a year, involving the whole community: the women kneded and the men took care of the wood stove, and when the bread came out of the oven, was a great party. After the cooking, the bread was dried on special wooden racks called “ratelë” for several months. Once dried, the bread becomes very hard and it is cut with the traditional "coppapàn", a kind of iron knife that you can still find in the handicraft shops. The result of this process was a sort of delicious biscuit excellent to be soften putting it for a few minutes to soak in the soup, milk or, failing all else, in the water. Today you can find it also as a freshly-baked product even stuffed with goodies such as raisins and dried fruit for special occasions.This special bread is so famous that every year in August takes place in the city of Ozein the festival named "Fehta dou pan ner". The event is held around a very old wood-burning oven which is brought back to life every year for the occasion. Visitors can follow all stages of preparation and baking of this typical bread, until the tasting! If you want to taste this delicacies and take this opportunity also to make an holiday in Italy, don't hesitate to visit our partner site and to request them a quote. 

Nus Malvoisie DOC Valle d'Aosta - Italian DOC wine

Product type: Wine (white)
Region of production: Valle d'Aosta (Nus)
DOC: Decree 30/07/1985
Grapes used: Pinot Gris 99% - 100%
Price: Medium

The Vallee d'Aosta Nus Malvoisie DOC is a dry white wine with an harmonious and pleasant taste and a delicate and persistent bouquet, which, thanks to its versatility, it combines well both with the appetizers than with pasta dishes or white meats. It's obtained, in spite of the name (that probably comes from the greek port of Malvasie in which, during Middle Ages, are marketed many quality wines), from the Pinot Gris vines, that lie between the towns of Nus, Verrayes, Quart, Saint-Christophe and Aosta and that give rise to the its golden yellow color with copper reflections.
From the best grape bunches, dried in airy rooms with little light you get the Nus Malvoisie Flétri, an essence of great character who completes his training with a slow fermentation and aging in small oak barrels. The result is a real pearl of Valle d'Aosta region, a nectar that smells of dried fruit and jam, an excellent wine to "chat" or to sip with delicious biscuits. The Nus Malvoisie is an important wine both in the traditional version (11 ° -13 °), that in the Flétri version that reaches an alcohol content of 15 ° -16 °.
The Nus Malvoisie DOC is a wine to be enjoyed alone or also accompaining with some cheese, maybe not too powerful so that it cannot cover the complexity of the wine, or finally with typical local salami, such as boudin or motzetta. 
Every two years in the month of September takes places in the park of the Aymaville Castle, a wonderful location, the event "Exposure of the DOC wines of Valle d'Aosta. This is an historic event, which brings together 40 wineries and during which visitors can taste hundreds of wines but also food products such as meats and cheeses of italian gastronomy. If you want to come visit us during this special event and book your culinary holiday here in Italy, please visit our partner site, or just send them an email to get a quote to

Valle d'Aosta Martin Sec pears

Product type: Natural product
Region of origin: Valle d'Aosta
Price: Low

The Martin Sec Valle d'Aosta pear, is a natural product from the italian traditional agricolture. It is a small, rough skin and grainy rust-colored pulp pear, typical of the Valle d'Aosta region. Its peculiarity is to be a very little juicy pear, but, at the same time, very aromatic and with a fragrant aroma.
This fruit of the italian agricultural tradition is mainly consumed in syrup; if cooked in wine, it turns red as its skin and conquers a particular softness that makes this pear really unique. However, it is recommended to spend at least 20-30 days from its collection if you just want to taste it raw. It's marketing in the Valle d'Aosta region is mostly entrusted to the Cofruits, the agricultural cooperative of Saint-Pierre, that has launched a line of products based on the Martin Sec pear, such as jams and juices. Very particular is also the Martin Sec pear based liquor, widely used especially during summer for its fresh taste and available from local producers.