Fontina Dop - Traditional Valle d'Aosta cheese

Product type: Cheese
Region of production: Valle d'Aosta
DOP: Regulation (EC) NO 1107/96
Price: Medium-low 
According to some etymological interpretation, the fontina cheese takes its name from his detached attitude to the merger (“fontis” or “fondis” in ancient French). This kind of DOP cheese is the typical product by definition of Valle d'Aosta agricolture. It is a fat cheese, partially cooked, made with whole raw cow's milk (ie simmental cow and black spotted cow). The milk is converted into cheese in a few hours from the milking. The forms are revolted every day, alterning salting and brushing. Before the latest revolt, it is applied the manufacturer's ID number which, together with the plate of casein, will ensure an unequivocal product traceability. Then follows the first salting and the subsequent transfer of the forms in the aging warehouses. The average vesting period is of at least three months during which the shapes are regularly rubbed and salted on the surface. At the end of the ripening, the forms are examined, one by one, from the Consortium of the protection of the DOP and only the forms that meets the quality standards fixed by the product specification are marked with the DOP (the other ones are marketed as Valle d'Aosta cheese). 
Fontina cheese can be stored in a cellar or in the refrigerator. Periodically the form will be rubbed with a cloth moistened with salted water to remove the normal formation of the mold on the rind. In the refrigerator it has to be wrapped in the plastic wrap and placed in the less cold area.
Fontina, sweet and pleasant taste, is eaten raw or in delicious recipes. Authentic delicacie is the fondue, which is obtained by heating the cheese until you get a creamy paste that goes well with vegetables and meat.
In the city of Oyace, during the mid-August period, it is celebrated the Feast of Fontina cheese. If you want to travel to Italy to taste it, please visit the travel portal, our partner site.
A curiosity: try to fold the slice of cheese between your fingers. If it flexes and the two ends touch each other without breaking, then you are to enjoy a true piece of Fontina DOP.