Velle d'Aosta tiles (tegole valdostane) - Typical dessert of traditional italian cuisine

Product type:  Dessert
Region of origin: Valle d'Aosta
Price: Low

The Valle d'Aosta tiles, in italian "tegole valdostane", are traditional cakes directly from the italian confectionery art. They are made with very fine chopped almonds and hazelnuts that give to these biscuits a soft and delicate taste.These cakes are relatively old. It was thanks to some Valdostan confectioners in the thirties, during a stay in Normandy, that they found these sweets. They were impressed by the good taste of the tiles and just because in the form they recall the tiles of Valle d'Aosta, they decided to produce them in the laboratory of Aosta. The tiles obtained a great success and thereafter entered the culinary heritage of Valle d'Aosta region. Light, crisp, and with almonds and butter flavor, their recipe is really simple. You just have to chop finely the nuts with sugar and then add lightly beaten egg whites and flour. Then you spread a thin and leveled layer of this cream, from which you'll subsequently obtain some dough discs to be curved so they can take the typical tile form. At this point you just need to enjoy your delight... But if you prefer to enjoy the tiles breathing the italian air and atmosphere, reserve your culinary trip to Italy through our partner site