Mozzarella: the italian supreme king of cheese

Product type: Cheese
Region of origin: Campania
Price: Low
Recognition: DOP 21/7/1998

Close to Naples in Italy there is an old culinary art famous all over the universe: the original mozzarella cheese. 
It is an old tradition and a "must try" if you come here in Naples, or better in Caserta. Yes, because there are different types of mozzarella, but the only ones protected from the DOP recognition are from two specific provinces in Campania region: Caserta and Salerno. Two different kind of cheese but same delicious, wonderful taste and flavor, produced only with fresh buffalo milk from Campania region.

Twisted shaped Valle d'Aosta biscuit - Torcetti di Saint Vincent

Product type: baked product
Region of origin: Valle d'Aosta
Price: low

These typical biscuits arrive directly from the town of Saint Vincent in Valle d'Aosta, but they are also popular in Piedmont region. Appears to have been fond of these cakes the queen Margaret, wife of Umberto I of Savoy, so much that during her stay in Valle d'Aosta, she gave the servants provisions so they had baked an abundant supply. 

Bleu d'Aoste cheese - A typical italian delicacy

Product type: Cheese
Region of production: Valle d'Aosta
Recognition: Gold medal at the Mountain Cheese Olympics
Price: Low

Directly from the Valle d'Aosta region, comes a wonderful italian cheese, the Bleu d'Aoste. This time is the time of a blue cheese, as suggests the name. The special processing and seasoning makes the Bleu d'Aosta an unmistakable and pronounced flavor cheese, with a firm but delicate fragrance dough. It is produced only with cow's milk from Valle d'Aosta farms over 600/700 meters above the sea level. The crust is wrinkled, grey or reddish brown, depending on the degree maturation.The dough is soft, firm, white, with no holes and with the characteristic blue veined coloration. The bleu veins that shows the dough are just the secret of its taste and unique aroma.