Bleu d'Aoste cheese - A typical italian delicacy

Product type: Cheese
Region of production: Valle d'Aosta
Recognition: Gold medal at the Mountain Cheese Olympics
Price: Low

Directly from the Valle d'Aosta region, comes a wonderful italian cheese, the Bleu d'Aoste. This time is the time of a blue cheese, as suggests the name. The special processing and seasoning makes the Bleu d'Aosta an unmistakable and pronounced flavor cheese, with a firm but delicate fragrance dough. It is produced only with cow's milk from Valle d'Aosta farms over 600/700 meters above the sea level. The crust is wrinkled, grey or reddish brown, depending on the degree maturation.The dough is soft, firm, white, with no holes and with the characteristic blue veined coloration. The bleu veins that shows the dough are just the secret of its taste and unique aroma.
It is an excellent cheese eaten alone or accompanied by warm bread with a drizzle of chestnut honey or with the typical pepper jam, also matches perfectly with generous and robust red wines. The Bleu d'Aoste was awarded with the gold medal in the category blue cheeses to the Mountain Cheese Olympics, held in Oberstdorf in Germany.